BMW E31 840i and 840Ci Alternator Alternate Vendors

If you like, you can skip directly to where you can buy this part.

We sell good, original BMW, used Bosch alternator units. The price is $90 plus shipping.

Assuming I’m reading the parts lists the right way, then the official BMW price for the Bosch part is just over $620 plus a core charge of $50.

Various vendors offer the Bosch part. Pelican Parts is my personal favorite. On general principles, I like buying new parts from them. They offer a rebuilt part for just over $250, plus a core charge of $75.

We don’t charge a core charge. Some of the other vendors I’ve researched do add on a core charge. To redeem that, you have to take or send your old part back to where you did the transaction, within a particular span of dates. This seems reasonable — yet often, this ends up being non-viable in practical reality. In such cases, the core charge ends up as simply one more cost.

We could find a remanufactured unit on eBay too, for slightly more than what we are pricing ours at, but there’s a lot of complexity to buying remanufactured units.

No doubt I can also find many made-in-China units, or rebuilt-somewhere unit, but it becomes pretty subtle when one figures out that many of such units do not include the pulley. That means I would have to somehow get the pulley off the old alternator (which isn’t easy, and would probably require a bench vise, which I don’t own) and then putting it on the replacement alternator (which isn’t easy, and would again require a bench vise). It would also require a torque wrench and the specs to which to torque the attaching nut. Many years ago, I attached such a nut too loosely, it came flying off, and the results were not happy. So when I hear “pulley not included” that’s not good news.

I also found a vendor (whom I didn’t recognize) on Amazon, who offers the Bosch part (new or rebuilt, I’m not sure) for just under $170.

It’s probably safe to say that our used units are price-competitive.